New Small Loans



Our service areas are Los Angeles County, Las Vegas, Washington DC (including Montgomery and Price George Counties) the NYC metro area, including NJ, Eastern PA, Southern NY and CT.

Our minimum loan is $2MM, but we do less if there are a couple of loans to make at the same time or the opportunity to make more loans immediately following the closing. The biggest single loan is $15MM and the maximum loan to one customer is $40MM.

Our minimums are 300-325 bp over the corresponding treasury, with the following minimums:

5 year: 4.25%

7 year: 4.75%

10 year: 5.25%

75% LTV maximum on all property types.

Apartments under 75% LTV may have 30 year amortization, all other commercial properties on a 25 year schedule.

Debt Service Requirements: 1.25 minimum on all property types.

Apartments: 1.20 minimum.

Purchase and Refinance on all property types except for hotels, land and construction. Mixed use and underlying cooperative mortgages are OK.

Vanderbilt – 3 points to be paid at closing from loan proceeds.