Commercial Mortgage Refinance

Fair Commercial Mortgage Refinance Terms

It seems sometimes that today’s commercial lenders have forgotten what it means to run a business in this day and age. Many are so concerned about their bottom line that they forget why they lend money in the first place. Yes, lenders do need to protect themselves from making bad loans, and they do need to ensure that their loans are profitable, but they also need to be careful that they aren’t saddling America’s business owners with loans that just aren’t workable. To be a great lender, you need to not only broaden who you offer commercial mortgage refinances to, but you also need to offer a commercial loan rate that won’t put a business out of business before they can even begin. This is, of course, easier said than done, but there is one lender that has been putting America’s businesses first for over six decades: Vanderbilt Commercial Lending.

The Best Commercial Loan Rate

The financial minds at Vanderbilt Commercial understand that the point of a commercial mortgage is to help a business do more business, not to saddle it down with fees, outrageous interest rates and terms that just don’t make any sense to anyone but the bank. Your business needs a commercial loan rate that is reasonable, not one that makes the lender twice as much money over the long term. Many commercial borrowers are surprised to learn about Vanderbilt Commercial Lending’s attitude towards interest rates since it differs so greatly compared to their competition, but when you’ve been involved in lending money for more than 40 years, you learn that it is far more important to build a trusted relationship with a borrower over time than it is to try to fleece as much money from a borrower every time you lend money to them. If you would like to learn more a commercial mortgage refinance that is right for you, contact Vanderbilt Lending today.

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